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Horoscope: February/March 2012

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Don’t be tempted to invoke superstitions about “Friday the 13th”  when your planetary ruler, Mars, completes its retrograde motion on Friday, April 13th. While Mars retrogrades until that date, you may make miscalculations or question your own judgment, interactions may become scrambled, unresolved situations from the past may arise for resolution, or tempers may flare more easily than normal. So, when the Mars retrograde ends on Friday, April 13th, rather than having an unlucky day, you will feel on firm footing again, making it quite a lucky day! The completion of Mars retrograde on April 13th marks the beginning of great accomplishments! With both Uranus (planet of change) and Mercury (planet of communication) in Aries, you will have many important innovative ideas and will attract much positive energy.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Lucky Jupiter in Taurus this spring will bring you unanticipated good fortune from unexpected sources. Stay open to receive the abundance of the universe and fortify your receptivity with the power of prayer, faith, gratitude and kind actions. If you do your part, you will receive many blessings in return. If there is a challenge you have been trying to surmount, this is a good time to make progress on your positive intentions. You are undergoing a spiritually uplifting and mentally expansive period of your life. It is a good time for travel, learning and study of a spiritual philosophy. Sweets may appeal to you more than normal under this celestial influence. So partake of sugar carefully, and balance with nutritious and healthy raw fruits and vegetables.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Mercury, your planetary ruler, turns retrograde in Pisces and Aries from March 12 to April 4, 2012. During this period, communications may be muddled, commerce may go awry, routines you normally depend upon may be disrupted and misunderstandings may occur. In general, expect the unexpected. Progress – as we normally define it – will be delayed during this three-week period.  Simultaneously, however, beneficial outcomes will result from taking significant steps toward resolving issues from the past. It is a good time to introspect to better understand your internal life. It’s not a good time to push your ideas into the world external to yourself. Concurrently, it is a good time to relax and renew your mind, body and soul. The three-week Mercury retrograde period  arrives four times a year and presents a fortunate interlude for self-reflection, self-acceptance and healing. It is of no avail to push the river to go faster during this period. The natural currents will move slowly and many benefits will come to you when you retract from outer activity – and slow down.


CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

The new moon on February 21 will conjoin Neptune and will open your heart and mind to a more spiritual reality. Use the days leading up to the new moon to breathe deeply, do yoga postures, and engage in brief periods of meditation to connect with the loving energy of the Pisces moon. Practice compassion to attune yourself to the flowing rhythms of this spiritual month. The full moon on March 8 will bring a long-standing project to fruition. The Aries new moon on March 22 will present a surprise in your work environment. And the next full moon on April 7 will give you an enlightening perspective on a situation you have seen from only one point of view since October 2011.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You have just reached the half-way point of the year between your previous and subsequent birthdays. This is a time when you can evaluate the progress you have made since the last anniversary of your birth and the progress you would like to make before you complete your next revolution around the Sun. (Silvia, this is a reference to the earth’s revolution around the sun every year. If it’s difficult to understand, you can substitute progress you would like to make before your next birthday.) This is a time to adjust your course and make refinements. The hard work you do to stay on the right track will be rewarded at your next birthday. You will have an opportunity to find more suitable routines and rhythms that will create a solid foundation for the future. Allow yourself to let go of a past pattern so you may move forward and create greater security in the future. You have nothing to lose!


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You have more energy than is normal for you during the spring season due to the passage of energetic Mars through Virgo until July 3, 2012. Make sure to step back to maintain your perspective as the powerful energy of Mars will cause you to become overly focused upon details during this celestial influence. You have reached a turning point in a challenging relationship. Try to view the complexities of the association from the other person’s point of view. You may discover that you have analyzed the facts from a far too subjective viewpoint. When you assume a more detached perspective, you may feel more compassion and understanding for the other person’s predicament. Mercury retrograde from March 12 to April 4, 2012, will help you see situations from an alternative point of view. Let go of dogmatic opinions. You are ready to experience a more relaxed, positive outlook


LIBRA (September 23 – October 23)

You are making an important decision now that will help you establish a firm foundation for the next seven years. There is pressure upon you to initiate a new venture, and to be most successful at this endeavor, please consider deep emotional forces that you may have previously ignored. The new insight you gain will help you become clear about how you may move most purposefully into the future. You also will better understand what you need from others and what to expect from yourself. You tend to accommodate others while ignoring your own necessities. But the celestial influences you are under are creating a concentrated emotional pressure on your psyche, which will require that you take care of your own emotional, mental and spiritual needs more than you have been accustomed to doing in the past. When you cultivate an attentive relationship to yourself, you will have more to give all around you.


SCORPIO (October 24 – November 21)

Your planetary ruler, Pluto, is traversing territory in the sky it has not traveled through since the years leading up to the American Revolution. Consequently, you too will feel a revolutionary spirit surging within you – whether or not you are American! It is time to cast off an oppressive situation and move forward asserting your own power. It is best for you to cultivate a spirit of equality rather than seeking to dominate others or be submissive to them.  You are a powerful soul, and you will have an opportunity in the coming months to find balance between your inner and outer power. Exercise your authority in an enlightened manner. Be respectful of others, and request that they do the same for you.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Lucky Jupiter, your planetary ruler, conjoins loving Venus on March 13th, just as the moon traverses the sign of Sagittarius. This is a fortunate day for you, one that will bring you close to nature, beauty, and peaceful, harmonious relationships. Practice gratitude for all the good that comes to you, and this will open a channel for more beauty and grace to come your way. This is a time when great abundance is available to Sagittarians. Use positive thoughts, affirmations, and visualizations to attract what you need. You will meet people who are important to building your future in March and April.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

You are discovering feelings and thoughts that have been hiding behind your reserved façade for most of your life. It may be difficult for you to break out of established patterns because you enjoy the rhythm quality of fixed routines. However, changing at least one routine every day, even in a small way, will create an opening for positive change to come to you Practice flexibility to experience life from a more relaxed perspective. Your self-discipline and ambition have gotten you far. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

The passage of your planetary ruler, Uranus, through the fiery sign of Aries will cause you to make big changes so you may follow your dreams and passions. Do what you believe in to feel energized and enthusiastic about your life path. If you follow tradition under this energizing planetary influence, your enthusiasm for life will drain away and you risk becoming fatigued. You have much to offer. And you will feel quite exhilarated when you offer your ideas and energetic contributions to others. Follow the path that inspires you so you may live authentically and be open to  the opportunities that will make you really happy. Innovations are supplanting traditions at an accelerating rate. Seize the opportunity to become engaged in a project that excites you!


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

You will enjoy the soothing rhythms of the sun in Pisces from March 18 to April 19, Mercury in Pisces from February 13 to March 2, and Mercury in Pisces again from March 23 to April 16th (due to Mercury retrograde). This is a good time to listen to – or write – music, poetry, or a piece of literature, or to paint, draw, sculpt or create a work of art. You are a highly creative individual who does not see or experience the world as most people do. When you allow your mind to drift from practical reality to the world of art and ideas, your true genius can emerge. Devote your energy to a non-traditional project to discover the gifts that lie within you.

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