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This horoscope is focused on predictions for the new year of 2011, given that it appears during the last month of 2010 and the first month of 2011!

ARIES ( 21 ? April 19)

You are embarking upon an exhilarating period of your life that will bring much discovery. These discoveries will create breakthroughs that will enhance the quality of your life. The process of gaining new insights and perspectives will involve experiencing unexpected situations and relationships with new or unusual people, which may sometimes engender a feeling of anxiety or apprehension. But all experiences coming your way in 2011 will teach you about your own potential and the resources in the world around you. You are a visionary who has an innovative nature. The passage of lucky Jupiter through Aries from January 22 to June 4, 2011, and Uranus through Aries from March 11, 2011, until 2019, will help you become more connected with the rhythm of the universe around you.

TAURUS (April 20 ? May 20)

You are completing projects that you have begun as long as 12 years ago, and you are preparing to begin anew under the influence of lucky Jupiter in Taurus, from June 4, to June 11, 2012. You are about to reach the root of a problem in an ongoing relationship. A good quality in yourself or another person that may have been ignored in the past will become more obvious. From recognition of this quality in yourself or in the other person, each of you will be able to grow and more consciously express this positive quality, thereby enhancing yourselves and the quality of the relationship. Business deals involving real estate, financial investments, precious metals, gems, jewelry, and agricultural land, will work in your favor after the second half of the year. The first half of the year should be used to complete outstanding projects so you are prepared to welcome the good fortune that is coming your way!

GEMINI (May 21 ? June 21)

Beware of making important decisions under the influence of Mercury retrograde from December 10-30, 2010, along with a Lunar Eclipse under the Gemini Moon on December 21, the day of the winter solstice. As the new year of 2011 begins, prepare for dynamic action and the opportunity to move forward at a rapid rate under the influence of the conjunction of lucky Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus on January 4, 2011, which coincides with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the same day. These celestial influences will bring something new into your life, and possibly eclipse something that has been around you since 1992. You will feel as if a new cycle is beginning in your life. A New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 1, 2011, will help you further support progress on your new plans. And another Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011, will bring a new person into your life who will help you make changes. Periods of relaxation coming during Mercury retrogrades from March 30 to April 23, 2011, August 2 to August 26, 2011, and November 24 to December 14, 2011.

CANCER (June 22 ? July 22)

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011, hours before a conjunction of lucky Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus, will leave you feeling exhilarated ? or ?as if you would like to pull the covers over your head. Likely you will experience a combination of both feelings. As a sensitive, emotional soul, you are most effected by the changes of the Moon. When the lunar body eclipses the Sun, as it will early in 2011, everyone?s feelings become magnified. Knowing this is coming, postpone any emotional decisions until the height of your feelings have passed. Ask a Capricorn for practical advice if you feel you can?t make a clear choice. A New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 1, 2011, will help you make contact with an old friend, and will enable you to see another friend in a new light. A Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2011, will help you change direction on a work project. And a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2011, will help you perceive the other side of a situation you encountered earlier in the year.

LEO (July 23 ? August 22)

You will benefit from doing a reality check of your hopes and aspirations in 2011 as dreamy Neptune traverses Aquarius until February 3, 2012. You deserve the best. But you experience disappointment when others? needs compete with your own. Assess each situation in which your desires may be frustrated. Try to see each situation from another person?s point of view. Step back and give yourself time and space when you think there may be an alternative point of view. This will give you time to gently adjust your thinking. Karmic Saturn in the peaceful and equitable sign of Libra until October 5, 2012, will enable you to bring peace and harmony to any disagreeable situations. Lunar Eclipses on December 21, 2010, June 15, 2011, and December 10, 2011, will give you the feeling of having the upper hand.

VIRGO (August 23 ? September 22)

Lucky Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus in your opposing sign of Pisces on January 4, 2011, will bring unexpected experiences and people into your normally-organized life. It may be challenging to make sense of the unexpected encounters that may befall you, but these unusual events also are a gift in that they will teach you to let go of expectations so you may both see life from a more spontaneous perspective and perceive the beauty in the chaos that you normally avoid. Powerful Pluto in the compatible earth sign of Capricorn throughout the year also will give you the energy to surmount any challenges you may face. A period of eclipses from June 1 to July 1, 2011, will bring new career opportunities or prospects for new directions in your life.

LIBRA (September 23 ? October 23)

You may feel as if your normal balanced self is becoming a bit unglued under the influence of lucky Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus in your opposing sign of Aries in 2011. People in your life may behave in unexpected or erratic ways. Or you may try something you never thought you would do ? and this will leave you feeling like a changed person. Either way, there is a lot to learn in the process of exposure to new people, ideas, and experiences. Saturn in Libra throughout the year will enable you to bring meaning to any chaotic experiences that may visit your normally steady life. Every experience will help you live your life on a higher and more fulfilling level. You will feel your most attractive when Venus is in Libra from September 14 to October 8, 2011.

SCORPIO (October 24 ? November 21)

The year of 2011 begins with Venus, planet of love, completing a four-month journey through the Sign of the Scorpion. You may feel as if you have been challenged and tested in the realm of the heart as you enter the new year. Yet, as a result of all you have learned, you will experience a period of relative calm, clarity, and stability in your close relationships early in the year. The passage of lucky Jupiter into your opposing sign of Taurus from June 4, 2011, to June 11, 2012, will bring you good fortune in your dealings with other souls. Your financial acumen and eye for good opportunities and bargains also will be strong in 2011. Your greatest activity comes when Venus enters Scorpio in October 2011.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 ? December 21)

Jupiter, planet of luck, conjoins change-oriented Uranus in Pisces on January 4, 2011. This celestial transit will give you the impetus to take action on changes you have contemplated for as long as 12 years. ?Your planetary ruler, Jupiter, then moves into the fiery sign of Aries from January 22, 2011, to June 4, 2011. Under this planetary influence, you will be moved to take risks to express your most creative ideas. You may be impulsive, but you also will be successful if you still your mind before important decisions, tune into your intuition, and follow guidance from your higher self or soul. Your focus will shift to finances and health later in the year under the influence of Jupiter in Taurus from June 4, 2011, to June 11, 2012. Make sure you are adequately prepared to face these important issues.

CAPRICORN (December 22 ? January 19)

Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is in Libra, bringing balance to all of your affairs. Where you have worked and not received recognition, you will receive rewards in 2011. Where you have cut corners or ignored responsibilities, you will be called to take action. Know that at this time, nothing unfair is happening to you. All events are moving you toward your highest good, despite any delays or detours you think you are experiencing. Have faith, pray, and ask your higher self or soul for guidance. Pluto in Capricorn throughout the year also will give you access to unknown resources within yourself. All of the answers you need are within you. You only need listen to the voice of your higher mind to see that the law of karma is bringing to a higher level so you may become stronger and move forward from a firmer foundation. You will be well-positioned to move forward with confidence in the future.

AQUARIUS (January 20 ? February 18)

The conjunction of your planetary ruler, Uranus, with lucky Jupiter in Pisces on January 4, 2011, will bring you good fortune, particularly when you experiment with new and innovative ideas. Favor the new over the old during the first half of 2011 and then return to tradition in the second half of the year due to the forward and backward motion of Uranus, the planet of change. Your financial picture may be erratic or unpredictable until Uranus moves into Aries on March 11, 2011, when you will be rewarded for your enterprising nature and endeavors that display your ability to anticipate and accommodate future trends. Pay attention to your intuition and follow your premonitions about what lies ahead. The old formulas and rules no longer apply.

PISCES (February 19 ? March 20)

A conjunction of lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus in Pisces on January 4, 2011, will spice up your life and bring unexpected revelations. Someone in your close circle of friends may behave in an uncharacteristic way ? or you may be the one to exhibit ?unusual? behavior. This is a time of rapid change. The universal message of the planetary alignments is that it is important to stay focused on what is really important ? your connection to your soul, your heart, and your spirituality ? because these qualities remain changeless in the midst of any earthly disruptions you may otherwise experience. Develop your spiritual practice under this celestial influence to reap the greatest benefits in your daily life. As you transcend and see the bigger picture, the smaller details of life will take care of themselves.

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