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Summer Horoscope

Horoscope August 15 – October 15

ARIES (March 21 ? April 19)

Lucky Jupiter in Aries will assist you to make healthy and positive changes in the way you express yourself during the summer months. Jupiter will be in Aries until September 8, bringing enthusiasm and positive energy to your worthwhile endeavors. Jupiter re-enters Aries from January 22, 2011, to June 4, 2011, which will bring another period of good fortune to you. Think about what you want to accomplish and prepare to exert your will in a positive direction. It?s a good time to focus upon your most lofty goals. As your planetary ruler, Mars, traverses your complementary sign of Libra this summer, you will have good luck in re-balancing out-of-balance relationships. This is a good time to reconnect with people from your past. ?Resolve outstanding conflicts by seeing situations from the other person?s point of view. Additionally, if anyone owes you anything, this is a good time to collect what is due to you. And if you owe anything to anyone, this is a good time to re-pay your debts.

TAURUS (April 20 ? May 20)

Use the positive energy of the summer and fall to focus on your diet and health by letting go of a persistent habit that does not build your ongoing vitality. Try to find the point of equilibrium between what is healthy and what is pleasurable for you. Too much of either one will create either anxiety or lethary. When you focus intently upon something, you take it to an extreme. Take a break, see the big picture, and alternate your attention between numerous activities, experiencing the transition between each pursuit. If you overly-focus on one thing, you will experience a hypnotic effect that will dull or diminish your ability to bring your infinite creativity to bear. You have an artistic flair that is waiting to be expressed!

GEMINI (May 21 ? June 21)

Mercury, your planetary ruler, turns retrograde from August 20 to September 12. Use this slower time to recollect the past, reevaluate past decisions, and refine your plans for the future. Wait until later in September ?to implement your most ambitious ideas, when cosmic energies will more strongly support you. An alignment of lucky Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus on September 18 will bring you sudden inspiration that will help you see an old situation from a new perspective. This new point of view will help you make rapid progress until January 2011.

CANCER (June 22 ? July 22)

The Full Moons on August 24 and September 23 will give you the power and energy to accomplish your long-term goals. Think in advance what you would like to do. Then begin to pray and visualize a positive outcome to the situation ?you would like to create, beginning one week before each Full Moon. With Venus, Mars, and Saturn in the love-oriented sign of Libra, you will receive positive support from close friends and family members. Express appreciation and gratitude to those whom you are close and give of yourself to those you love. In return, you will receive that which you have been seeking.

LEO (July 23 ? August 22)

A collection of planets in the love-oriented sign of Libra will brighten your prospects in the relationship department. You have a magnetic energy that attracts to you the attention and admiration you need to energize your journey through life. Make sure to give the love, care, and attention that you would like to receive to those with whom you are close. There are many changes coming into your life and it will be important to you to maintain loving relationships with the people you are connected to so you may support each other during the transitions of the summer and fall months.

VIRGO (August 23 ? September 22)

The conjunction of lucky Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus on September 18 will bring positive change to your life. You are most comfortable when your daily affairs are neat and organized. Prepare yourself for upcoming transitions by organizing your home and office. Then, let go of expectations. It is likely that your plans will go in ?unexpected ways. But the greatest good fortune will come to you at this time through unanticipated events and changes ?to your ideas. It is important to initially have a strategy, then release your preconceived notions and allow the universe to bring you what is in your highest good. Allow spontaneous events to unfold.

LIBRA (September 23 ? October 23)

The transit of loving Venus, energetic Mars, and disciplined Saturn through Libra will enable you to focus on projects and plans that bring harmony to your relationships and beauty to the environment in which you live and work. You have been feeling pulled in multiple directions at one time during recent months. Try your best to create peace and harmony in yourself and the environment around you as you wait for a calmer period to begin in late September and October. Your next birthday will represent the unfolding of a new chapter of your life.

SCORPIO (October 24 ? November 21)

You are wondering whether you should push yourself to accomplish the tasks you set out to achieve. Stop, take a deep breath, and contemplate before you begin the process of pushing forward. Half of the goals you want to achieve are worthwhile and should be pursued, and the rest can wait. You are in a process of sorting what is important from what is unimportant. It is certain that only half of what is before you is of value. It is time to let go of everything else. When events go your way, you know that your ideas are divinely aligned. When events do not unfold as you had planned, see this as a cosmic sign that the divine has a better idea for you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 ? December 21)

When your planetary ruler, lucky Jupiter, conjoins change-oriented Uranus on September 18, you will feel as if you have had a sip of cosmic caffeine. Try to relax, see the wider implications of your decisions, and use the excess energy in a positive way. It is easy to get drawn into the enthusiasm of the moment. But it will be important for you in the coming months to remain calm and rational, and to make your decisions with equanimity. Contemplate consequences and avoid impulsivity. You may more successfully pursue risky ventures after January 2011. ?A more conservative path will be the best course in the summer and fall.

CAPRICORN (December 22 ? January 19)

Karmic Saturn, your planetary ruler, is in the balanced sign of Libra until October 2012. Under this influence, you will be moved to create peace and harmony in all of your important relationships. Think about whom you would like to have in your life for the next two years and connect with these people in a loving and generous way during the summer and fall. All that you give to others will come back to you. Capricorn is a highly karmic sign ? you will receive rewards for all that you have given, and as you know, the karmic influences under which you live make it important to give back what you have received.

AQUARIUS (January 20 ? February 18)

The alignment of change-oriented Uranus, your planetary ruler, and lucky Jupiter, on September 18, will open the way for you to express your high-minded and altruistic ideals. You have always been ahead of others in your thinking. Your advanced ideas will find a receptive audience in the late fall and early winter. Prepare yourself by organizing your thoughts and thinking about how to present your inspirations in ways that others can perceive. You have an important message. This is the time to share it!

PISCES (February 19 ? March 20)

The conjunction of change-oriented Uranus and lucky Jupiter in Pisces on September 18 will be the culmination of a process of individualization for you. You have been searching for your personal identity and for unique ways to express your gifts for the past several years. You have been afraid to offend others, for fear of hurting their feelings or of not meeting their needs or expectations of you. You now have the courage to go out and express your true nature. People will respect you for speaking with an authentic voice. ?As you paint a clear picture of yourself, you will bring happiness to yourself and others.


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