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Message from the Editor- Silvia Ichar

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Christmas has come and gone and soon after comes the ending of a very difficult year. 2010 brings us a new decade throughout which we must think positively about our health and our finances.

I invite you to reflect about Christmas and its real meaning. I hope that your Christmas was spent with family and friends; that it was warm and pleasant and full of giving. Love and kindness don?t come in small, expensive boxes. This year our gifts should be patience, understanding, kindness and a smile for whoever needs it. Let us trust that the New Year will be better and beneficial. Everything that happens to us in life starts with a thought of ours- let these thoughts be only good and full of promises.

If ultimately everything seems to work differently from the way we are used to, and we have to adjust to a new rhythm, an education continues to be the essential ingredient for success today and always. With correct information one can choose better, buy better, and relate to others better. Regardless of the cuts suffered by some educational programs, there are an infinite number of schools and agencies that continue to offer courses in every type of profession so you may benefit and grow. Any goal can be reached with discipline and a well done plan.

I invite you to read about America Bracho and her contagious, inexhaustible energy. If you haven?t yet met her you must do so! Because if you have no direction in life, you will find it immediately. You will become a part of the innumerable collaborators assisting her in taking care of our well-being and health in the county. Also, meet Anahi who is young and talented, take her seriously and you too may become a singer or famous artist if you hone the talents you have.

You will receive a Census 2010 survey in March and you will be responsible for answering it- only 10 brief questions. This form will also be available in our next issue and in public offices, such as the post office, schools and others. It is extremely important for you to fill it out, and there are no risks taken if you happen to be a non-resident, because what the census needs to know is how many people reside in the country and where.

These statistics will be used by the government for your representation; and community leaders will advocate for us to get us the benefits we deserve, as well as the health, hospital, school and other services. How can we fight for immigration reform without knowing how many of us need it?

I hope you were careful with Christmas gifts, it?s far better to have a fun party, delicious food and small gifts filled with love, rather than go into debt and end up depressed, without energy and the positivism we need to light up the New Year. Happy Holidays and a wonderful and Prosperous year 2010!

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