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Letter from the editor: Silvia Ichar

The most picturesque season of the year has arrived, spring! A gift to the senses, flowers and fragrances all around us, and more reasons to engage in outdoor activities. Although, with the ups and downs of climate change, I can’t remember a winter as sunny and warm as the one has just left us.

Very pleasant for all, but the reason is not so promising. I saw images of how the glaciers are melting in strides in Antarctica and other parts of the world, due to global warming. I hope that the political leaders who have the power to stop in part this environmental disaster, continue not postponing it.


March also brings to Capistrano the traveling swallows of Goya, Argentina. They have arrived for millennia to comply faithfully with their biological destiny, on Saint Joseph’s day. When the first flock appears, the bells of the old Franciscan convent resound, while they flutter fun at low altitude. They fly exactly thirty days to cover 12,000 Km. However, due to issues of pollution, noise and other environmental imbalances, many of them take shelter in places more quiet and healthy, as the wavy Saddleback valleys.

Para Todos invites you to the parade that will take place on Saturday, March 24, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. We have our booth between the Mission and the restaurant El Maguey. As always, we will have raffles given by our advertisers for you, and contests of singers and dance between floats. We look forward to seeing you all! It is a beautiful celebration for the whole family. Besides, there a fair in the Market with games for your children, food and dancing western in each corner. Much fun!


Please moderate the intake of red meat and eat more fruits, vegetables, and almonds.

It is known that 80 percent of the antibiotics used in the country are going to the poor cows, pigs and chickens that we spend savoring, and that may put us at risk. The more antibiotics are used, the more development of varieties of bacteria that are resistant. In many cases, these can infect humans, causing prolonged and serious diseases.

We also need to know what fruits and vegetables to buy and how to protect ourselves from so much pesticide that is being used. While these toxic chemicals kill pests and plagues, also they affect our health. I invite you to read the article of Onda Verde (page 10).


In my hope for us to know how to live more healthy, I have decided to learn along with you from the advice of scientists, lawyers and specialists dedicated to the protection of public health and the environment of Onda Verde. Enjoy them and practice them, we will probably live more than 200 years!

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