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Letter from the editor- Silvia Ichar

January! Welcome January!, with great dreams and renewed energies, we were waiting for you, knowing that all our achievements this year will be fruit of our hard work and dedication to make all the changes we commit to.


On this date, many people make a list of unreachable goals, so they get disappointed afterwards. Let’s be logic and realistic, let’s plan for small changes that we can make without major pressures. Let’s observe our life from the distance, as if we were looking at someone else’s, and let’s design    a path that is feasible for us to travel well and with joy.


This is a new year, so let’s not blame others for the things you don’t have and do appreciate what you have. Do not settle for less, and push yourself to do more. There are so many things that can be done! I loved meeting Dr.  Martha Lucero, the Noticeable Person. Her faith and determination encourages her to do more, to give more! Yet, there are people who are bored and don’t know what to do! They are constantly lamenting for what they don’t have…

That’s not the case with our readers! They are proactive people, the raza the doctor mentions, ‘we are la raza that strives, we are immigrants’ and as such, we come to this country to succeed. When we first arrive, we do what we can until we place ourselves within this country system; we get to know agencies or schools that provide advise and offer crush courses to the new immigrant. We get some training, continue studying and advancing in our careers, up to the point of becoming the best example for our children and friends.


The Mexican pride remains candescent throughout history, here on American soil, due to the labor of so many people and organizations that relentlessly work to keep it alive, and mold it, from a very early age, into the sons that emigrated.  I attended for the first time a Relámpago del Cielo concert. In spite of a cold and rainy evening, the entire county filled up the room at Santa Ana High School, because they would applause their children, their children’s friends, their own friends, and they would leave prouder than ever of their roots. The mexican is an innate artist, and with professionals devoted to record dances and songs from their land, Mexico is kept alive in all their hearts and the hearts of all Orange County.


It is advisable to clean the house now, in January, when the year begins. Cleansing and a good deed, at the same time that selecting devices or clothing we no longer use, to begin the new year on a lighter side. No more stuck closets and garages filled up with things we didn’t even know we had. There are many organizations that happily receive all that, that bother us. Thus, in the hope of having a lighter and more organized life, we donate this to those in need.


Inspired by you, we’ve decided to work more and publish monthly magazines to be more in contact with you. We want to give you the present of more articles, useful news, and all the professional services our advertisers provide with much dedication and professionalism in each issue.

In this edition, we included advise on how to have a Clean House, an article written by Adrianna Quintero, from Onda Verde, with whom we’ll learn how to create our own household items using fruits and natural products. Besides saving much money, we’ll make our house look impeccable and free from harmful chemicals.


Starting this January, our life will be brighter, with good disposition and a positive attitude. We’ll find a solution to, or learn a lesson from even the most difficult challenge, to be better every day and feel blessed for being today here, healthy and full of edifying projects that make us feel useful and proud, besides being a good example for others.

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