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Letter from the editor- Silvia Ichar

Lovely autumn brings us many Hispanic Heritage celebrations and many other possibilities. California’s enviable climate allows us to enjoy many activities in the open air such as Mexico’s celebration of independence at Santa Ana, Saturday and Sunday, the 17th and 18th of September, and the 24th and 25th of September in Long Beach.

If you’re in the market for employment, or you’re feeling insecure about your present job because you notice how easily things change regarding personnel and especially with the advances in technology, noticing the replacement of people by machines, perhaps it’s time to do what is necessary and get prepared.

We need to know that Orange County has a Latino population of about 1,012,973 persons- making it the county with the third greatest number of Latinos in California and also the 6th most populated county in the country, in spite of being the smallest county in Southern California. But we are very famous for our tourism that includes such famous amusement parks such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. We have an incomparably beautiful coastline of over forty miles (64 km). It boasts a solid economy based on high technology, entertainment, fashion, medical technology, and an enviable environment in addition to tourism. It is headquarters to global enterprise such as Boeing, Taco Bell, Broadcom and many other top industries worldwide. Automobiles popular throughout the world are designed here; we are fashion and minority enterprise pioneers; we are a cultural and political center. The famous actor John Wayne is a part of our legacy and for whom we named our airport. We have a diverse ethical population and Latinos are in the majority.

We are part of an ideal county to gain employment and enjoy our lives. Marketing agencies follow us and want to know what Latinos like in order to plan their sales campaigns and attract our attention. We Latinos must reciprocate by studying carefully in order to discover the best possibilities for success and fulfillment. Visit both large and small companies, study them on line, visit offices, be available, ask for information; express your desire to be a productive member; ask for recommendations. Go back to school and take necessary courses to get you to your goal. You can do it! We Latinos sometimes lack courage to ask for what we deserve- a good opportunity; sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Being aware of this, change your attitude and realize you can be a beneficial part of any company, because, truth be known, there are no better employees than Latinos. We are hard workers and we are loyal, so get out there and find a better job now.

This is the season to think about our roots, and all the sacrifices made to get us where we are today. I invite you to read about Judge Aguirre- a life which will fill you with Latino pride. Starting with his grandparents who initiated patriotic county celebrations, on to his father who was a World War II veteran, and who again fought for his people’s equality in the Orange County schools. Judge Aguirre has dedicated his life to informing us regarding contributions made by Latinos to this country from the time of its inception. His labor of love for the Hispanic Community is invaluable. What an honor to have someone like him to represent us.

There are also other icons such as Luis Fonsi who with his musical theme: “I Won’t Give Up,” has created the decade’s most popular song and through his lyrical style, describes the Latino character who never gives up.

Silvia Ichar

Interpretation by Peggy Edwards; August 2011-08-15

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