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Letter from the editor: Celebrating 15 year

What an amazing fifteen years! I still remember my excitement when heading with my mom to the printing press in Westminster, in a borrowed truck, in order to bring the precious cargo: our first edition of PARA TODOS Magazine. There were ten thousand, and I felt like floating through the air.

My intention has always been to provide relevant, beneficial information that would contribute to the Latino community in a clear, correct language. I wanted for them to feel proud of their origins, to know they were worthwhile, and that they could succeed if they wanted to. From the very first edition I have included the ?Outstanding Person? column, with the objective of telling exemplary stories of people that succeeded after deprivations, hard work, and tons of studying. Whenever someone tells me how valuable the advise from these ?Outstanding Persons? have been for him/her, I feel that we have reached our goal. I invite you to read Alex Fortunati?s story, who?s a great example of the strength, eagerness, and optimism many Latinos have demonstrated when coming to this land by working tirelessly, adjusting to their new culture, and never giving up until succeeding.

Further on, Francis added the brilliant and refreshing Entertainment section, for all of you to relax and enjoy while at your homes or offices. Francis grew up under the indescribable fulfillment the magazine was bringing us; but also under its tensions. He became the photographer, and almost simultaneously, the magazine art director [designer], when he was only a high school teenager. It pleases me so much to see him working so professionally, either in English or Spanish, in his interviews with every celebrity he has made contact with; he ends up being friends with most of them, thanks to his professional and caring service. Frequently, national magazines call us, asking for Francis?s help to act as liaison with the celebrities he has interviewed, to which he agrees generously. He brought Candela Ferro, who with her unique, witty style, introduced us to fashion in a cheerful, appealing way. He chose Juanes for the cover of this special occasion, for his humanitarian work and his message of peace to the entire world.

Among the usual contributors is Dr. Alberto Gedissman, with his deep knowledge of pediatrics, keeping us up to date with epidemics and how to prevent them; Dr. Ana Nogales, who advises us on key issues regarding how to face our own ghosts; astrologists Laurie Baum, considered among the country?s most important psychics, and Maria Marin, our energetic counselor, who brings us her perceptive advice on everyday situations. Peggy Edwards is in charge of the English translations. Advertisers are the top of the list, and the reason why we can support our publication. Finally, each and every one of our distributors, who are responsible for the magazine to get to the hands of our readers.

Thanks to this joint effort we are able to offer a very special medium, with one goal: to help the professional and personal enrichment of our readers, to offer them the products and services of our advertisers, and to trust that a brighter future awaits us. Thanks to this shared efforts, PARA TODOS has been present for 15 years, and will find every year new ways to reach more effectively the Latino community, who PARA TODOS loves and respects dearly.

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