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Interview with Thal

She was a young pop icon in the 80’s and queen of Soap Operas in Spanish in the 90’s. Thal?a returns this summer with a brand new album called Lunada, which is her first full spanish album in 8 years. The first single of the album, “Ten Paciencia” is already a hit. Visit your local music store and purchase Thal?a’s new album today!

How her life has changed with a new baby:

?You see life with a new perspective, from a new aspect. You begin to understand situations that people go through, and you start to see how people really are.?

Life with Tommy Mottola:

?We have always been very united. At this moment, we are a lot more together than before.?

How do you ignore negative press, or celebrity gossip, especially when it?s related to you?

?I don?t really get into it, in my home you wont find one entertainment magazine, not one. We jump the entertainment sections in newspapers, we don?t watch any of those programs on TV. For me, personally, it?s like venom. We don?t want to be around it.?

On starting young in the industry:

?It wasn?t work for me, it was having a good time. I was more mischievous than anything. I would take any chance I had at causing mischief.?

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